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Nestlé Health Science to further scale the future of personalized nutrition with the acquisition of LivingMatrix™


Atrium Innovations, a globally-recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative, science-based nutritional health products, takes the next step in the company’s mission to expand into personalized nutrition with the acquisition of San Francisco-based LivingMatrix™. LivingMatrix, a technology-based, data and algorithm-driven personalized functional medicine platform, was designed by clinicians to help practitioners effectively evaluate and engage patients, create personalized, actionable care plans and track patient health outcomes.

“This exciting acquisition is reflective of the current mission and direction for Atrium Innovations, with support from Nestlé Health Science, to expand our role in personalization within the medical professional and consumer spaces. The addition of LivingMatrix will allow us to take the next steps in leading the future of personalized health management,” says Kyle Bliffert, President of Atrium Innovations. “Our goal is to further scale our personalization platform through integrating LivingMatrix™ with our existing PureGenomics platform and future healthcare provider patient management systems providing the most comprehensive solution in the industry.”

“The addition of LivingMatrix™ to the Atrium Innovations growing personalized medicine portfolio will further elevate the way functional medicine practitioners and patients in our longstanding network view and use healthcare,” adds Joy Devins, Chief Strategic Leader of Atrium Innovations.

“The launch of the LivingMatrix™ platform has been a critical turning point for personalized and functional medicine and now, with the support of the Atrium Innovations and Nestlé Health Science family, we look forward to breaking even more barriers,” says Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO of LivingMatrix. “This partnership brings opportunities to scale the business and accelerate our ability to drive and support additional research studies to expand the evidence base for effectively addressing chronic conditions.“

LivingMatrix™ is the latest acquisition for Nestlé Health Science as part of the company’s mission to lead the personalized nutrition sector into its next evolution. Their recent acquisition of Persona, a science-based proprietary technology which considers specific factors in a consumer’s lifestyle, history and individual needs to develop a personalized vitamin program, was announced in August 2019. Persona’s individualized assessments meet consumers’ desires to find the right nutritional supplements for their unique needs. These personalized vitamin and supplement services are available to consumers through These strategic acquisitions will leverage Atrium Innovations’ nearly 30-year industry expertise, bringing valuable insight from the company’s network of medical professionals as well as professional brand development knowledge to the partnership.

“Through combining the strength of Persona’s proprietary algorithm, the LivingMatrix™ data-driven technology and Atrium Innovation’s leadership in the industry, we are creating an exciting future for personalized nutrition for professionals and consumers alike,” says Bliffert.

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About Nestlé Health Science (NHSc)
Nestlé Health Science (NHSc), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé, is a globally recognized leader in the field of nutritional science. NHSc is committed to empowering healthier lives through nutrition for consumers, patients and their healthcare partners. The company offers an extensive consumer health portfolio of industry-leading medical nutrition, consumer and VMS brands that are science-based solutions covering all facets of health from prevention, to maintenance, all the way through to treatment. NHSc is redefining the approach to their management of health in several key areas such as pediatric health, allergy, acute care, oncology, metabolic health, healthy aging, gastrointestinal health, and inborn errors of metabolism. Headquartered in Switzerland, NHSc employs over 5,000 people around the world, who are committed to making a difference in people’s lives, for a healthier today and tomorrow. For more information, visit

About Atrium Innovations
Atrium Innovations is a recognized innovative leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of science-based nutritional and supplement health products. The company’s mission is to be a global leader in vitamins, minerals and supplements, offering free form science based nutritional solutions through healthcare professionals. Its brands and business model are complementary with Nestlé Health Science, its parent company, offering science-based nutritional solutions for consumers, patients, doctors, nurses and other partners in healthcare. Atrium Innovations Professional brands include Pure Encapsulations®Douglas Laboratories®Genestra BrandsTMKLEAN Athlete®yPharmaxTM, and Wobenzym®.

About LivingMatrix
LivingMatrix is the leading cloud-based, clinician-designed, outcomes-focused personalized medicine platform, helping over 600 practices in 22 countries engage in high-quality, personalized, therapeutic partnerships to address chronic conditions at scale effectively. LivingMatrix has partnered with the Institute for Functional Medicine and helps practitioners deliver a unique engagement process utilizing the Timeline and Matrix tools, and validated, patient-reported outcomes measures that provide a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s health and objective tracking of patient progress. The result is a faster time to life-changing outcomes for the patient and an increase in referrals and growth for the practice. Learn more at

About Persona™
Persona™ combines therapeutic levels of nutritional support and a uniquely personalized vitamin program to deliver customized nutrition to subscriber's doorsteps. Based on science and using the highest-quality bioavailable ingredients, Persona's online assessment is built from its proprietary algorithm, which factors individual needs, lifestyle and prescription medications to deliver a recommendation as unique as the patient providing 5 trillion different recomendations. Instagram:@personanutrition