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At Nestle Health Science, we strive to provide children and adults with nutritional solutions adapted to their needs and conditions.  

Meeting the nutritional needs of loved ones comes with a lot of emotions and challenges. Carers may be looking for ways to include real food ingredients into their families' tube feeding or oral diets while maintaining a sense of meaning around mealtimes and help them live a better life.  

Ensuring patients receive all needed nutrients, preserve gastrointestinal function, and improve their quality of life can be an overwhelming task for their carers. When you think about all these considerations, including real food ingredients into feeds can be demanding, time consuming and may have the additional potential risks of tube blockage or infection for patients.  

Compleat®: The new range of nutritionally complete formulas made with real food ingredients to help patients thrive1,4 

  • A nutritionally complete and safe solution 

  • Well tolerated in clinical practice 

  • Offering tailored options for patient and carer preference 

  • Predictable nutrient and energy content 

  • Balancing nutritional needs and caregivers' aspirations for real food ingredients 

  • As a sole source of nutrition for full formulae users 

  • As a base for blenderised feedings for partial formulae users 

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